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Online the user is in charge. If they cannot understand what your website is about or what your offer is, they will quickly leave. Your online copy plays then, an essential role in grabbing the user's attention and keeping them interested. Yet writing for the web is different to writing for print and other media. There are different considerations when it comes to language, style, layout and content. You have to understand how to develop an effective 'tone of voice' and how to move the online reader through your site. This engaging, practical training course will show you how and help demystify online copywriting. This course will demonstarte how to build persuasive web pages that demand attention and engage with the user. You will learn - through a combination of theory and examples - how to craft successful digital copy from scratch right through the drafting and editing stages.

Course expert

Andrew Lloyd Gordon

Trainer and Consultant - Digital Marketing

How we define what is a good copy? There are some guidelines we can follow for a Clear, Useful and friendly copy. Headlines and subheadings should give valuable insights to the reader, so even if they are just scan reading, they can understand the content. Another very successful method is to argue against self-interest, tackling head on the customer’s doubts and answering them straight away.

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