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PPC - Pay Per Click

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This course will cover all the strategy aspect related to Pay Per Click advertising. You will end up understanding how to define the right keywords, write the winning advert and use all the techniques to lower your price and increase ROI.

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Andrew Lloyd Gordon

Trainer and Consultant - Digital Marketing

What is Pay Per Click? When was it invented and how does it work? See a brief introduction on PPC and how Google has used it to become the biggest Search Engine it is today.

  2.  What is it?

An introduction to Google Adwords, one of the most powerful tools available on the Internet to create PPC. See how it works and how, if used correctly, can dramatically change and increase your company revenue.

To use PPC, you need clarity of purpose since applying it involves spending money. Learn to design a Conversion Journey to think about how to move potential customers along and where exactly in the journey PPC can be utilised to make the biggest impact. See also Profit Margin and Conversion Rate, two of the primary factor a company should consider when using Pay Per Click

Before using Pay Per Click perform a search online to find out what people are looking for. Google provides many free tools like Google Suggestions, Google Trends and Google Adwords that can help to understand what happens during a search.

Learn to use Google Adwords step by step and how to make the most out of it. See the flexibility of this innovative tool and learn to play with it. Create more than one advert and see which one works best for the product you want to promote.

See Google Help Section and how to use it to improve your adverts. Videos, training, guides, are all available in this section. See also what Google suggests you to do to produce some quality adverts. What is Key Word Matching and how it works.

Bidding strategies and the different approaches that can be applied. See the factors that will influence the amount of money a company would pay. Learn what Bidding Wars are and how easy is to waste money if you don't bid in the right way. Google's Pay Per Click Quality Score and how with it assesses PPC activity evaluating various factor.

Explore Pay Per Click as a customer to understand if it may work for your company or business. Do experiments on headlines, body copy, offers, call-to-action, the destination URL and landing pages to improve the quality of your adverts.

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