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Strategic Customer Management

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The challenges of strategizing the conventional sales organization to meet the demands of new strategies and new types of business-to-business customer. An agenda is developed for executives with two major elements: Making the Sales Organization Strategic (Involvement - putting sales back into strategy; Intelligence - you are what you know; Integration - getting your act together around customer value; Internal marketing - selling the customer to the company; and Infrastructure - aligning sales processes and structures with business strategy), and Broader Challenges (Inspiration - filling the leadership gap; Influence - the power to change things; Integrity - the challenge of corporate social responsibility and ethics that matter to customers; and International - looking beyond national boundaries because customers do). This provides a framework for executives to evaluate how strategic their sales organization is and how strategic it needs to be to meet new challenges. This presentation would be based on the book: Nigel F Piercy and Nikala Lane, Strategic Customer Management: Strategizing the Sales organization, Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2009.

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Nigel F Piercy

Professor - Marketing & Strategic Management
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