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Social Media Channels

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Today's customers are online, web savvy and socially connected. Which means they're better informed, harder to reach and harder to please. It's clear then, that the world of business has changed. But have you kept up? Do you have the tactics, tools and training to leverage social media for business success? Social Media Marketing gives you a powerful mix of rich customer data, flexible marketing platforms and the chance to get ahead of your competitors.

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Andrew Lloyd Gordon

Trainer and Consultant - Digital Marketing

An introduction on how you can use social media for your organisation or your business. Learn how effective can social media be if used properly. See how the interaction between the customers and the web has changed from a static one-way to an interactive two-ways.

How can your business make the most out of social media? Technology has developed incredibly in the last two decades and human beings seem to be addicted to it. See how social media strategy and mobile strategy work in tandem and how important sharing is for a fast and efficient growth of your business. Learn what Conversational Marketing is and why organisations are not yet ready for it.

Crowd Sourcing and Crowd Funding. What do we mean by that? See how organisations need customers' feedbacks and ask for new ideas and suggestions. Learn how some popular brands have built their community and how the interaction with customers works. Thanks to social media you can now fund new ideas or launch new products or services on specific platforms.

The power of sharing on social media and how effective sharing can be when it comes from the people you know. How can social media become a waste of time for you if your organisation sticks to an old form of marketing? Learn also that having a web page is not enough to reach your objectives and see what other things need to happen to make social marketing work for you. See what Paid Media, Owned Media and Earned Media are and how using them together can generate a good revenue.

You need to have clarity of objectives and think about a strategy you want to use if you want social media marketing to work for you. Have you settled your goals? Have you already thought about what is worth having? Learn what SMART objectives are and apply those to your business. See the importance of deadlines to measure if your strategy is working or not. Thanks to social media your customers are now connected to each other. Get in touch with them and understand what they are looking for.

What is the Say – Show - Share strategy? Pick a few channels among the many social media we are all familiar with and stick to them providing good quality content easily spreadable on the web. Think about making you website as social as possible to have a closer contact with your audience and to gain more customers. The greater content you will have on your site, the more people will engage with you. Learn how important Group Thinking is to produce better material for your audience.

Once you are sure you have a great content, what are you going to do with it? See what the Educate, Entertain and Inform challenge is and how to act as a source of knowledge for your customers. Think about creating an Editorial Calendar to map your steps forward. Make sure your team is well trained to provide the best possible service online respecting legal requirements, transparency and so on. See also how to respond to negative comments and feedbacks.

See how some well-known brands are using social media to have a very close contact and dialogue with their customers and how this can positively influence your popularity. Learn to ask your audience what they prefer before producing it to meet their requirements first.

What else is there that you could use to develop a good form of social media marketing? See how helpful social media examiner websites can be and how fragmentation is part of the social media world. A brief summary will also remind you the importance of social relationships with your customers to make social media marketing work for you and your organisation.

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