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Web Copywriting

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Course: Web Copywriting

Discover the key ideas behind effective content for websites, blogs, social media and email marketing. This practical course will help you put theory into practice.

TARGET AUDIENCE: Marketing Professionals, Marketing Agencies, Website Managers and Owners. Student of Digital Marketing Qualifications.

Web Copywriting
Intermediate to Advanced 1 Hour 42 Min


Thank you for a good introduction into this topic.

Thank you for a good introduction into this topic. It will help me understanding better the needs and ways to show upper management that there are better ways to do.

Web Copywriting

This short course explains the copy writing concept and how to improve it by applying a range of techniques. As a first step, it is essential to identify our objectives and what we need to measure. Then we need to reflect honesty in our copies by focusing on our real content and insert a lot of insights. Each type of personas has a different mindset, as a result, we need to get more information, test and study the results. Based on the insights, content should differ for each type of personas. Planning phase is the most important, which consume around 40% of our time. This short course offers many tips and tricks on how to succeed with writing good copies. Which are related to English writing, tone of voice and choosing the best words for emphasis. In the last part, he explains real examples and gives many tips on how to write a good content and how to distribute it on a web page ( headlines, white space, fold, 1 idea per paragraph, font, characters, highlighted keywords, in page links, navigability, clarity and what should be avoided) As an overall resume, we should write in a credible way, reflect our content in a trusted way so we can persuade and convert. We need to highlight offers, features, prices, benefits of what we are promoting. Trying to convince consumer to click on our ad and to drive them to our websites.

Online Copywriting

I Like how he takes us from planing , drafting , writing , editing , publishing. Example was useful for understanding. I learn : how to use key messages and when to say it. building effective sales funnels with copywriting. stop use the interruption in marketing. make your writing clear easy to understand , get to the point quickly. The element of online copywriting Context content users how people use website and read online. ( snap judgement , skim reading ) write for your audience. The curse of knowledge. test to see if it is easy to use. how to use costumers personas groups. important of planing. The decision cycle. How to draft . Think DVD. Editing your copy writing. Readability. how to layout your copy. how much on each page. pyramid style. Cut the hype. Making use of headlines. other layout tips. font size is important , make sure is easy to read. don't make sentence to long. Background color is important to help users to read. high light useful keywords. numbers for orders. Navigability images draw attention a way. make useful links. Action links. stop click here.

Web Copywriting

When I first saw this course, I thought that it covers how I could protect my copywriting rather than how to write my articles, blogging, sales messages or reviews online. So I hope if the title of this course could be adjusted to fit the main covered idea which is how to good write your articles online.

A good overview of writing for the web

A good overview of writing for the web, this course contains 14 short videos which will help anyone who needs to prepare copy for their website. The course asks viewers to think about why they are writing and what they want to achieve with this copy - for example get visitors to make a purchase, sign up for a newsletter or read more. The sessions also look at who we write for and how to write from our readers’ perspective. The course considers what good copy is, how we need to engage our reader and position our copy correctly on our websites. Planning, drafting and editing are covered and these sections include useful tips. The readability, navigation and layout sections include practical information on how to prepare your copy for the web including information on the ideal length of sentences and paragraphs, font size, the use of links, when to use action words, parallelism and the use of headlines.

Web Copywriting Course

Very good course with best practices and tips, although very short. It is surely a good way to initiate yourself in web writing.

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