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Digital Marketing Management

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Course: Digital Marketing Management

This Course is about HOW TO THINK STRATEGICALLY - So you can get a CLEAR DIRECTION, a STRUCTURE and a way of MEASURE your marketing. Wether you own a business, manage a marketing campaign or want to start a company we teach you how to get the best from your marketing efforts.

TARGET AUDIENCE: Marketing Professionals, Marketing Agencies, Website Managers and Owners. Student of Digital Marketing Qualifications.

Web Copywriting 90 min

Web Analytics 80 min

Email Marketing 90 min

Social Media Channels 90

SEO - Search Engine Optimization

Web Usability & User Experience (UX)

PPC - Pay Per Click

Content Marketing

Campaign Planning

Digital Research 90 min


Excellent Course

I have finished University in England in 2009 and I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of lectures. It is pretty much the same as sitting at uni and listening to the professor in front of you. Very useful because of the many concrete and detailed examples reflecting the theoretical discussion. Really useful slides in the video too! Thanks to the team who has contributed to the content publication. Great!

Super Course Also For Professional Digital Marketers

Having already spent several years working in social and digital marketing, I was skeptical as to what I could learn from an online course. Not only was I pleasantly surprised, but even as a seasoned professional, I left the class having not only received information that supported my professional practices but also with NEW information. Not only was the course extremely thorough, but it is also chalk-full of useful and pertinent information that a modern social media professional can utilize; whether you've been in the game for years or you're a beginner. I especially enjoyed the additional resources listed by the instructor for further reading and fully plan to give them a go. Last, I would also like to touch on the fact that not only will YOU learn from this course, but you will also receive important facts about the business that you can pass along to your customers or employers; especially if they are unsure of the importance social media and digital media play in present day marketing. All in all, I would definitely recommend this course to anyone looking for full knowledge of the subject and work well in a self-paced environment.

Very engaging and

Very useful course with many concrete examples reflecting the theoretical discussion, very engaging and "up-to-date" material. The explanation is in a simple yet very clear and effective way. Great!

Having started my career in Digital Marketing I felt the need for

Having started my career in Digital Marketing I felt the need for a good learning material. With affordable tuition price you also get up-to-date information about the latest advances in digital marketing. Videos are easy to understand, concise and interesting. This Digital Marketing Management course exceeded my expectations. I will definitely recommend it to my friends.

I have found it of excellent quality and Mr Gordon has clearly explained the concepts and theory of modern digital marketing.

I have found it of excellent quality and Mr Gordon has clearly explained the concepts and theory of modern digital marketing. The ten topics covered has given me a thorough understanding of all the subject with the clear emphasis of keeping the customers interest in mind while developing our digital marketing strategy . It has helped me in my approach both theorotical and practical to marketing as a whole and digital marketing in particular at work and is showing results in a short time. I will be recommending this course to my friends .

I thoroughly enjoyed the Digital Marketing Management course

I thoroughly enjoyed the Digital Marketing Management course. Though being an experience marketer for over 9 years, I gained a lot of new insights as to how to improve my digital marketing strategy for my business. Every module gave a new idea and was a new learning experience that I looked forward to every time I did the course. Even if you are experienced in Marketing, I would still highly recommend taking this course if you intend to integrate Digital Marketing into your marketing mix. There's no such thing as too much knowledge.

Great Overview on the most important Aspects of Digital Marketing Management

Mr Gordon has structured the Digital Marketing Management course very well. Starting each lecture off with the history of the specific topic I found it easy to jump in and follow up on the information afterwards. As a newcomer in the Marketing business I believe this particular course to be very essential and a must-watch to have a good foundation set of skills. I liked the language, choice of words and speak patterns as well as his body language. Mr Gordon made it really easy for me to open up while watching and absorbing the knowledge that was thrown at me. It is really great to have the course slides available to check a certain topic afterwards. I’ve come to believe that Mr Gordon is an absolute expert in Marketing and has learned everything that came up with the years with eager interest. He now shows his students that he really wants to share his knowledge and expertise. This course covers the most important aspects of Digital Marketing Management with a good ratio of Input and Durance. Since this has been my first course on Oxford Learning Lab, I am thrilled with the opportunity of getting input on a regular basis. In a world that turns so quickly, staying up to date is really important and getting new insights and perspectives can be essential to a business. I would like to thank Mr Gordon for this excellent course and recommend it to any other student willing to learn!

I started my career in Digital more than 7 years ago.

Key Ponts I started my career in Digital more than 7 years ago. Still, time goes forward and I need to develope. This course gave me a real chance to look at digital marketing from the management side! Mr. Gordon is brilliant! I wish I had a possibility to talk to you face to face! The info in the course is up to date which is really important. During the course I learned email marketing, planning, how to build websites and carry out the best seo strategy! To tell the truth, I'd like to have testing included, still it won't spoil my satisfaction! Well, while conducting the course, I made notes which I use every day consulting my clients. They really help me as it's usually a must to implement something new from top experts into your job. If you ask me about my future plans, I'd say for sure that I'll take some other courses as I'm really impressed.

I have been doing digital marketing for a couple of years and wanted to cement my knowledge of the discipline.

I have been doing digital marketing for a couple of years and wanted to cement my knowledge of the discipline. This course has helped me gain a deeper understanding of the different channels and techniques of digital marketing as well as the need to focus on the customer when developing a strategy. The lectures are well structured, easy to digest and provide a connect all the dots quite brilliantly.

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