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Affiliate Marketing

Whether you are an expert digital marketer, or a small business owner, this course will introduce you to the key concepts that will ensure any affiliate marketing programme success. From this course you will learn how you can successfully LEVERAGE

£ 19

Social Media Strategy 2017

Today's customers are online, web savvy and socially connected. Which means they're better informed, harder to reach and harder to please. It's clear then, that the world of business has changed. But have you kept up? Do you have the tactics, tools a

£ 97

Digital Marketing Management

This Course is about HOW TO THINK STRATEGICALLY - So you can get a CLEAR DIRECTION, a STRUCTURE and a way of MEASURE your marketing. Wether you own a business, manage a marketing campaign or want to start a company we teach you how to get the best f

£ 97

Brand Management

This course, chaired by Prof. Leslie de Chernatony, goes from the Principles of Brand Management to Strategic Brand Management. The course running time is about 5h and 25'.

£ 67

Mobile Marketing

Mobile is a broad medium encompassing many technologies and channels. We are seeing an increasing trend towards a smart user, this course will help you to understand how they engage with mobile, create a clear strategy, target segment and measure yo

£ 67

Marketing Research

Market Research is an often neglected skill within the marketing spectrum. With the information explosion that has accompanied the development of the internet there is often a fallacy that any information that is required can be found via Google. A

£ 67

Marketing and Strategic Management

What New Marketing is all about? In this course Prof. Nigel Piercy explores two main topics, Market-led Strategic Change and Strategic Customer Management. The course duration is about 4h and 30' .

£ 67

Market Segmentation

In this video, Professor McDonald demystifies this most difficult of marketing processes. Market segmentation is without doubt the very foundation of successful marketing.

£ 67
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