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Campaign Planning

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Campaign planning is the act of putting togheter a strategy for your marketing activity. Thanks to analytics we can now mesure all our efforts and prove the campaign as worked or failed.

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Andrew Lloyd Gordon

Trainer and Consultant - Digital Marketing

Campaign Planning from the birth of marketing back in the '50s to its Wikipedia definition. Learn the first steps to put your Campaign Planning together, what do CEOs want and what marketers do.

What do you need to do to make Campaign Planning working for your business? Producing an advert and sending some emails once in a while is not enough for the audience to remember you and your product. Learn to use as many channels as possible to reinforce your message.

Learn to understand your audience before launching your product. See the four stages of buying and decide for which you will apply your Campaign Planning. See also what Media Weight is and how to be present on different channels.

When you put your plan together, you need to be clear about the outcome you want to achieve. Clarity of purpose, once again, is essential. Learn the BOSCARET approach and the six fundamental steps to run a campaign in the best possible way. Learn to do some research and what companies KPIs are.

What can stop your Campaign Planning from working properly? See what those factors can be. Is your business audience led? What does it mean? See also how customers are chosen by organisations and what the plan should include.

See the risks you may come across if your marketing team is too creative. Learn to apply the old marketing values of the '50s to the modern marketing. See also how companies use their budget when doing campaign planning and the latest technology to be always visible to your audience.

Learn how important is to have a team working together from the beginning to the end of your campaign. Project Management and how to find or train the best people for your team to have your campaign working as it should. See also what Marketing Automation is and how it works.

See some of the best campaigns produced from Whiterose to Coca-Cola ending with the most famous O2 "Be more Dog"

The importance of practising and some books you might find useful to learn some tricks and tips.

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