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Content Marketing is the ability to create the content that people want to have from you. Either on your site, on your email or social media channel, having a content marketing strategy will allow you to better engage and convert your audience.

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Andrew Lloyd Gordon

Trainer and Consultant - Digital Marketing

An Introduction to Content Marketing, how it developed from Viral and Sticky Marketing to become the powerful tool it is today. See the difficulty businesses face as they are still not ready for it and how to produce some quality material your audience will engage with. Create quality content that Educates, Entertains and Informs your public.

Customers are bombarded daily with material they find most of the time irrelevant. Differently from what happened in the past, they can now act actively on the web and decide what to do with the information they receive. See how important is now to understand your Customers' Journey not to lose track of those users that may become customers. See also how to map the Customers' Journey can be used as a guide to suggest what content to create. Get people to talk about your products and services on your web pages.

Learn to clarify your strategies and see which you can adopt to promote your product. Focus on the useful, helpful and valuable material to capture your customers' attention.

See what the Curse of Knowledge and Group Thinking are. Learn to reearch the consumers' preferences to help to conceive the right type of product. See how Keywords Marketing Research is essential and what content you should provide to attract you potential customers' attention.

See what digital tools are available online to put your content together. Content Marketing Production Line: what is it? How does it work? Learn also to build your Editorial Calendar to plan ahead across the twelve months what your company needs to do. Set your targets, schedule your work and monitor it not to lose track of what you are doing. What is the 10 -4-1 rule? How does it work?

Why did the "Ice Bucket Challenge" become so popular? See the importance of sharing and learn from J. Berger's book "Contagious" how the content created should be.

Some more example of how the right content can dramatically increase your company revenue as Mark Sheridan of River Pools explains. As not all products on the market are interesting, see how to use UGC to get your product advertised and make more customers.

  8.  Summary

See other different resources that can be used. One of this, a book called "Epic Content Marketing" by J. Pulizzi. Learn where you can find other suggestions online. The Content Marketing Institute and the enormous amount of material it provides to get better at Content Marketing.

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