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Market Research is an often neglected skill within the marketing spectrum. With the information explosion that has accompanied the development of the internet there is often a fallacy that any information that is required can be found via Google. A professional approach to supporting marketing decisions with well grounded information requires the skills that are included in this course.

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Andrew Lloyd Gordon

Trainer and Consultant - Digital Marketing

Companies are struggling to understand their customers with their needs and preferences and conducting Market Researches is the best possible way to do it. See how Market Research was born and developed in the last sixty years and how things have changed. Learn also to use some tools in order to conduct your researches.

Today the power of marketing channels has shifted for organisations to consumers who are now much more informed. See what the Curse of Knowledge and Group Thinking can lead to and learn to have a more objective vision when conducting your research.

See what customers do when they are online and learn where to focus your attention when promoting your products. See also how analytics can help to understand how people look at websites to develop your selling strategy.

Organisations need to think what they look for in terms of Market Research. See the five stages of the Buying Process and what customers are like at each of those. Learn to find the trigger point to encourage them to move forward. The Awareness Ladder and the SOSTAC Plan can help to map what your clients know about you and what you need to know about them. See some digital tools available online to learn how consumers move around the WorldWideWeb.

Keywords Research through Google Suggestions, Google Trends and Google Adwords. See how the customers use keywords when searching the net. See also how other digital tools like Yahoo Answers can help finding in their vast archives, what people have been interested in. Learn what Social Media Monitoring Tools are and how they work.

Usability Tests: what are they and how do they work? Card Sorting and the importance of asking your audience what they would like to see online and what is essential to them. See also how Qualaroo works to implement your website with pop-ups to ask your visitors a few questions. Learn to understand your clients as humans through the Cognitive Research.

A brief summary of the course and some suggestions on how to create a platform which combines Marketing and Market Research. See also where to find some further help online and through the Market Research Institute.

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