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Market-led strategic change

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Putting a handle on the strategic issues in marketing through a simple framework into which theories and company differences can be located: the strategic pathway. The pathway consists of four interrelated but different sets of issues: market sensing and learning strategy; strategic market choices and targets; customer value strategy and positioning; strategic relationships and network. This framework provides an operational tool for developing and evaluating a company's market strategy. Important context underlying the search for strategic clarity is the weakness of old marketing models in coping with new markets peopled with more sophisticated buyers, and the need for strategic transformation in the process of going to market in many companies. This presentation would be based on the book: Nigel F Piercy, Market-Led Strategic Change: Transforming the Process of Going to Market, 4th ed., Oxford: Elsevier, 2009..

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Nigel F Piercy

Professor - Marketing & Strategic Management
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