Oxford Learning Lab - Marketing Plans Implementation: Marketing Plans Implementation - Part 2

Marketing Plans Implementation - Part 2

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In this video of 2 Parts we have combined the wisdom of three marketing planning experts Prof. Malcolm McDonald, Ed Bradford and Steve W. Erickson.The subjects covered are: The barriers to marketing planning and the causes of implementation failure, The three pre-conditions for implementation, The four steps to successful implementation, The new technologies that help to keep implementation flexible and under control, How you can use your existing marketing skills to aid implementation ,Where to find implementation brilliance in other disciplines, A useful model that will reduce your risks of implementation failure, The new skills required to be a successful marketing implementation leader, How this has been applied in a global engineering business,The key success factors for implementation.

Course expert

Steven W. Erickson

Vice President, Strategic Marketing, Parker Hannifin

A practical model to correct your marketing plan during the implementation phase.

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