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Project management and related disciplines are a hugely important aspect of delivering marketing, but it is not a well understood area. Project Management in Marketing is also the final Unit in the CIM's Professional Diploma in Marketing but many students struggle to get to grips with the subject. This course will introduce you to this important concept and show you how to deliver your marketing campaigns more effectively, on time and within budget. In addition to project planning, management and evaluation, the course will introduce you to risk management and mitigation, market research, using and presenting data, and producing business cases for marketing proposals. It also contains specific advice for CIM students undertaking the Project management in Marketing Unit, which will help you complete the assignment for the subject.

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Jack Roberts

CIM Exams Specialist

Four stages of the project life cycle: definition, planning, implementation, review.

PRINCE is a specific project management methodology needed for big projects, where rigourous checks are needed.

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