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SEO - Search Engine Optimization

In this topic

You will understand the business case attached to SEO and why is an essential long term plan for your business. Will be focussing on On-site and Off-site optimization, link building and latest Social Network influence on ranking. Concept like building your site Credibility and Relevance will be put in context with Writing for the web and Usability. Finally you will be made aware of the implication of the rising of Mobile browsing.

Course expert

Andrew Lloyd Gordon

Trainer and Consultant - Digital Marketing

Learn how Search Engines work and why it is so important to be number one on the search page. From the early 50s to nowadays, see how the Internet was born and how it has changed and developed in the last 60 years.

  2.  What Is SEO?

How does Google work, and why is it much more powerful than the other Search Engines? See how SE work from behind the scenes, what Spiders are and how they fetch the information you look for in less than half a second. How does the algorithm choose one website or a web page instead of another? How does it work?

How can we use SE within our organisation? 87% of the web users access the Internet through a Search Engine. What do we need to do to produce a good Search Engine Strategy? How do we gain a good position in the SERP? See also the difference between SEO and PPC.

What are you trying to achieve with your SEO efforts? SEO is a value-based strategy, so you need to put together different essential elements to achieve the target you are looking for, optimize for the searches that counts for you.

ON PAGE and OFF PAGE Optimisation. Learn to design a website that is built for Search Engines, study how to use Keywords in your text and titles so that a SE will pick your site. What are Meta Tags and what are they used for? See how Google differs from the other Search Engines and how it works.

See how the weak content websites get penalised and how to build one with great content in it. Learn also some more Google tips and watch their video which explains how they work

See some more examples of SEO and how a well-built site can help the user and how can a text can be spoiled. How do we learn about SEO? The best possible way is practising. However Google offers some free tools that can help with tips, training and tutorials.

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