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Web Usability & User Experience (UX)

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Our course will help you understand how to take a user focused approach to building websites. Design a more effective website that will improve customer satisfaction, have a better placement in the search engines and convert more traffic into sales. Website Usability course is particulary effective for web designers, web developers or marketers in need to dramatically improve their website results.

Course expert

Andrew Lloyd Gordon

Trainer and Consultant - Digital Marketing

A brief introduction to Web Usability and User Experience. Learn how GUI (Graphic User Interfaces) have revolutionised the computer world making the use of PC easy for everybody.

  2.  What is it?

What are Web Usability and User Experience? Learn to understand what customers want to find on your web pages and how to grab their attention as soon as they log on to your pages. See the effect of the Curse of Knowledge and what happens if you don't look at your website through your customers' eyes.

Learn to get an external perspective when you build your website. Stop thinking the way your company would and get into your customers' mind. Also, see how to use heatmaps to see how your potential customer look at your website.

Web Analytics and how to use them to see how your website is doing. Learn to use them to map your customers' journey on your pages. See where people are leaving the pages and why and the areas you need to improve.

What is your website for? Learn how to use the "metrics of the Pirate" Aarrr to achieve the goal your website has been designed for. Learn to build an "awarness ladder" to navigate your user to the right places.

Repair before you optimise. Make sure your website is fast, that images are optimised, that your server is high speed and that you are using all the latest technologies. These are the things which your potential customers will notice first and that can make the difference. See how Bran Recognition is important and why 46% of web users would click on a good looking website.

Test your customers through online surveys, telephone interviews, focus groups, usability testing and so on. Ask them what they like and use "card sorting" to see which are the things the will look at first on your website. See how Outsourcing Web Usability companies can help your business and web pages to improve and learn from them new tips. Learn to use Wireframes and see how they can help you to choose the right look for your website.

Do some more tests to check the different version of your website you thought about. Use the PIE to see the changes a well-built website could make, how important is to change it and how easy it is to actualise that change.

See what you can learn from your competitors and what you should not do. See how a few changes on your website could generate 40% increase in your customers' conversion providing a far better experience. See some example of how these changes can actually work.

Where to go for extra help. The Internet Archive and what you can find on it. See how other businesses have changed through the old versions of their websites.

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